Flexible Waterproof Keyboard

Dot.Com is proud to introduce its new waterproof, flexible keyboard. This revolutionary keyboard is water resistant, flexible, dust and contaminant proof. The keyboard can be used in Industrial environments, hospitals, pink lemonade elf bar libraries, marine and boating applications, in fact anywhere where dust and liquids are present.  You can even use it in the home!  Available in a range of popular colours to complement your decor.


We do keyboards, we don’t do boring!

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One day all keyboards will be like this

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Flexible keyboards will flex (hence the descriptive but rather unimaginative name), are spill resistant, dust resistant, child friendly and silent in operation – and they look pretty groovy.

  • Completely waterproof! Withstands spills, splashes and moisture
  • Flexible, roll it up and carry it with your laptop
  • Clean with standard household cleaners
  • Helps eliminate RSI (it’s flat, not raised up at an angle)
  • You choose the colour, be different!
  • Child friendly
  • Soft and safe to use in a variety of hostile environments
  • Ideal for studio use with open microphones

Exclusive to Dot.Com,HOT PINK keyboards

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Soren Technologies (NZ)
PO Box 47 941
Ponsonby ,
New Zealand

Phone: 09 376 2723               Cell: 027 293 2299,email: [email protected]

 US Magic MiniUK Magic Mini
US USB onlyBlack, White or BlueUK ‘Combo’ FittingBlack or White


85 keys US Layout – USB Only(35 cm x 13.5 cm)Ideal for use in vehicles –safe in an impact
As reviewed in Yachting MonthlyNote, the ‘Combo’ Fitting is exclusive to Dot Com.

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