‘At first, I wasn’t used to the change of key layout but that took me about 3 days to perfect.  But this keyboard is silent compared to most keyboards. I found that when I played games with the flex keyboard, it was far better than I thought it would be. I rarely missed movements, and I didn’t notice me dying more than usual. If you’re wondering what I played, it was Halflife (CounterStrike) and Quake III.’
‘This thing is sealed, which means it’s waterproof. I did test this, and it didn’t break :-D. I have killed one keyboard before (only two keys but still had to toss it in trash) from spilling Mt Dew on it. I dropped half of my hoagie (submarine sandwich) on this baby and it was great. That was one hell of a greasy hoagie. I don’t even want to guess what that would do to a normal keyboard. Then I washed off the keyboard with water from the kitchen sink, and then I dried it with a dish towel.’
‘This thing is so thin and flexible that it would be no problem at all to transport. Just roll it up and put it in your coat pocket, or like I did. Put your mouse in the middle and roll the keyboard over the top of it. The only solid part of the keyboard is the PCB housing where the keyboards PCB and LEDs are. This is also where the keyboard cable comes out. And the amazing looks of this keyboard don’t stop there. Oh no. The keyboard cable has the wires wrapped in an aluminum foil cover and the plastic housing is clear. Which in my opinion is a very nice effect.’