Waterproof Keyboard   

The first keyboard that is waterproof, snack proof and affordable.

Why not try this at home!, then buy one of our keyboards before you do it again.

Whoops! Our keyboard simply shrugs off snacks!

Simply rinse it off

There are many applications for our waterproof and dust proof keyboard, including:

  • Marine applications
  • Laboratories
  • Chemical Manufacture
  • Cement Works
  • Fire Services
  • Swimming pools
  • The bathroom!
  • Hospitals

Surf the Internet in your greenhouse, bathroom, workshop or kitchen, without worrying about  damage to your keyboard! Our Waterproof Flexible Keyboard is the perfect solution for operating a PC in some of the most hostile environments! The keyboard is completely waterproof, so it can go anywhere with you, easily withstanding any spilled hot or cold drinks or alcohol, as well as the cleansers used to clean up afterwards! Use in areas with high humidity, dirt, grease, or dust, and you’ll never have to worry about sticking keys!
This waterproof accessory is far superior to those awkward keyboard covers that slow you down and cause you to make errors. Get your work done quickly without frustrating typing errors with this completely sealed computer keyboard! Use the Waterproof Flexible Keyboard in your kitchen, and surf for recipes on the Internet without worrying about flour on your fingertips or work tops! Or roll up the Waterproof Flexible Keyboard, and carry it with your laptop for a full-size, weatherproof keyboard whenever you need it!
The Keyboard can be used virtually anywhere, including in temperatures ranging from -20° to 50°.  The keyboard comes ready with PS/2 or USB interface that plugs into most desktop and notebook computers.

And the keyboards float, hence it has to be held underwater!Even the fish love ’em!

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