Got the keyboard here in Chicago. I work for a US national lab that is looking for a quiet keyboard used during distributed meetings over the net… everyone really likes it. That means alot with the technical types I have surrounding here. Thanks. I may order some more in the future. (Keyboard took just 7 days to arrive from UK.)

We didn’t know they were foldable until we received them so we put them into the suite as purely a pilot; thankfully the users found them quite novel and after a few laughs they have enhanced the session a great deal.Many thanks for your attention

I want to say that I am very pleased with the quick delivery and good quality of this product. Though it does take a bit of getting used to, it is a wonderful new innovation and works beautifully when I am on the phone with a client and am taking notes, now there isn’t an annoying background clicking noise for my client to hear.  I will definitely be getting you some more business.  Thank you

I have received the keyboard and I love it! Thanks for the ease of doing business with you and the quality of your product. My only curiosity is…why did you ship such a flexible product laid flat?Thanks,

Excellent product.  Does exactly as the site claims I won”t say it doesn”t take some getting used to But it is a lovely piece of equipment.  I purchased the multimedia option and that just plugged straight into XP and everything worked fine I can definately recommend this product, particularly for anyone who does a lot of web and multimedia work.BEAUT!!!!

We need one of your silent keyboards urgently, the guy over there makes toooo much noise on his keyboard.  If we don’t get one soon we will have to buy a small guillotine and cut his fingers off.
Hey Nick… that keyboard is the best! It’s like he’s not even in the office any more! Except for when he laughs like a child. D’you sell duct tape? Just kidding… Thanks again. I may have to order one for myself, they look pretty funky 🙂

Thank you very much NickYes I am very pleased with it. It does exactly what it says. And the multimedia keys are very usefulI will post a positive comment on your site. Thank you again

I received the keyboard, it’s very beautiful.  I have the same exact one in English.  This is a beauty.  How many more do you have because I might have others that may need one?  Thanks.

The keyboard arrived yesterday morning, was pressed into service immediately, and is proving eminently satisfactory.  Many thanks for quick service, and particularly for sending the USB version.

Got the keyboard today, ahead of schedule and have installed it for the co-worker across from me.  His hen peck, peck, peck typing was driving me crazy, now it’s completely silent.  If I had to vote today, for the greatest invention of all time, my vote would be going to that little keyboard.
Nice Work!

I’ve already received the keyboard and am impressed with it already. I’ve shown it to some of my colleagues and it has generated quite a bit of interest. Thank you for providing this unique and useful product.

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